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Moldflow Summit: Simulating Compression Molding of Long-Fiber Thermoplastic (LFT) Composites

June 13, 2018, 3:30 PM EST
Presenter: Patrick Mabry

Lightweighting initiatives have driven engineers and designers to explore using more non-metallic components in their designs and assemblies. While continuous fiber reinforced polymeric composite materials offer a lot of potential, the current cycle times and cost often limit integration of these materials. Additionally, the potential benefits of long-fiber thermoplastic materials for injection-molded parts is often diminished due to the inherent fiber attrition the process induces on the material. However, compression molding of long-fiber thermoplastic materials offers a promising compromise for taking full advantage of these discontinuous fiber reinforced materials. This presentation will examine the potential benefits of considering compression molding for manufacturing semi-structural components, and how simulation can be used to optimize the design and charge pattern prior to constructing a mold. The presentation will use a case study to correlate the results between simulation and actual molding.

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Plastic Part Failure: Analysis, Design & Prevention (UW-Milwaukee)

October 15-17, 2018
Presenters: Jeffrey Jansen, Dr. Antoine Rios, Dr. Javier Cruz, and Erik Foltz

Dive into a broad range of topics essential to understanding and preventing plastic failure. The most efficient adn effective approach to plastic component failure is performing a systematic failure analysis following a scientific method. Someone once said, "if you don't know how something broke, you can't fix it," highlighting the importance of a thorough understanding of how and why a product has failed. With emphasis on practical problem-solving techniques, the course will utilitze case studies to comprehend key aspects of plastic failure and prevention. Gain a better understanding of why plastic components fail, and how to avoid future failures by applying the knowledge learned.

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