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Case Studies

Our case studies exemplify some common issues that our engineers encounter and highlight how we were able to help our customers find a solution. Please review them by following the links and let us know if you have any questions. Call The Madison Group at (608) 231-1907, or contact us via our information request service for a no-obligation consultation. We'll be glad to speak with you about resolving any concerns you may have with your plastic part design or material.

Lightweighting of a Plastic Container

Key Words: Lightweighting, Virtual DOE, Injection Molding Simulation
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Fuel Filter Filling Analysis

Key Words: Moldflow, Nylon, Knit line, Weld line, Air trapping
Read the Case Study

Actuating Lever Failure

Key Words: Failure, Environmental Stress Cracking
Read the Case Study

Rain Barrel Analysis

Key Words: Failure, Creep, FEA, Design Evaluation
Read the Case Study

Water Tubing Failure

Key Words: Failure, Tubing, Degradation, UV
Read the Case Study

Acetal Housing

Key Words: Warpage, Moldflow, Acetal, Cooling
Read the Case Study

Co-Injection Molding Analysis

Key Words: Furniture; Flow leader; Co-injection
Read the Case Study

Knitline Failure Analysis

Key Words: Failure, Cross-sectioning, Knitline
Read the Case Study

Runner Balance Analysis

Key Words: Family Mold, Runner Design, Moldflow
Read the Case Study

Snap Fit Failure

Key Words: Failure, Snap Fit, Contamination, FTIR
Read the Case Study

Creep Lifetime Prediction

Key Words: Creep, Lifetime prediction, Dynamic Mechanical Analysis
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Other Case Studies

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Case StudyKnit Line Relocation for Automotive Body Panel

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Case StudyLawn Mower Wheel Failure