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Expert Witness

Expert Witness

Experts at The Madison Group are well versed in providing testimony given in support of legal cases. The technical expertise of an expert witness is only useful when it can be adequately conveyed to the jury and court. Our engineers are experts in communicating complex technical analyses in language that is understandable to the average judge or juror. So if your case involves plastic or polymeric part analysis, failure, patent infringement, manufacturing, or design, leverage our decades of experience to successfully help and assist you to prove your case.

Plastic Experts

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The staff of The Madison Group has years of experience in analyzing failures for a wide variety of plastic materials and products.

Not only do we understand how a small change in temperature, for example, may affect a plastic’s strength and stiffness over time, but we understand how to analyze and modify one or more elements of the chain of events that occur when producing plastics: from manufacture to the point of failure, whether it’s during mold design or during in-service use.

With more than 30 years of research and practical experience in our team, we will help you determine how the failure occurred, who is culpable for the failure, and how it may be prevented from happening in the future.

Our analyses are not limited to the plastic material, but also cover the factors surrounding the failure. Ultimately, a failure can be a combination of factors – improper material, design, manufacturing, installation, and/or service life.

Example of Expertise

Examples of areas that The Madison Group typically provides expert opinion:

Why The Madison Group?

Some engineering firms specialize in metals. Others “specialize” in everything. At The Madison Group, however, we pour all of our resources and energies into understanding the intricacies and subtleties of plastics. We learn how they interact with designs, materials, manufacturing processes and service environments, and then put that knowledge to work for you.