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Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis / Solving Problems

What The Madison Group does is simple; We solve plastic problems while keeping in mind your desire for a practical, cost effective, and timely solution. When solving plastics-related problems, it is critical to understand the complex properties of plastic materials and how it will behave in the environment to which it is subjected. Our knowledge of plastic material technology ensures our ability to solve your problem.

Typical problems that we have solved:

  • Failure Analysis Example
  • Failure Analysis Example
  • Failure Analysis Example
  • Failure Analysis Example

The goal of the failure analysis is to identify the Mechanism and Cause of the failure.

Why is a Failure Analysis Important?

We identify how and why a product failed so you can use our findings toward a faster and more effective solution.

Plastics can fracture via a wide variety of mechanisms including:

Failure Analysis Chart

Our experience shows that plastic failures are typically due to a combination of factors rather than attributed to one, unique parameter. Five factors affect the performance of molded plastic parts. Whether or not a plastic part performs satisfactorily or fails is determined by:

Plastic Failure Analysis

When a plastic part fails there can be numerous responses including denying the existence of the problem, doing nothing and hoping the problem goes away, act on theories using a shotgun approach, and systematically investigating through disciplined problem-solving. The most time and cost-effective approach to solving the problem is to allow science to direct the investigation and ultimately to provide a solution.

"One test result is worth one thousand expert opinions."
Wernher von Braun, NASA Rocket Scientist

The Madison Group will tailor an investigation specific to solving your problem in a timely and cost-effective manner using a number of available techniques including:

Plastic Failure Analysis