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The Madison Group

Putting Years of Plastics Engineering Experience To Work For You

2615 Research Park Dr.
Madison, WI 53711
Phone: (608) 231-1907
Fax: (608) 231-2694

About Us

About Us


About Us

The Madison Group, incorporated in 1993, is a recognized global leader providing consulting services, technical expertise and innovative technology to the plastics industry. With multiple PhDs on staff and partnerships with cutting-edge technology and educational consortiums, The Madison Group's ability to analyze and optimize plastic parts and processes on your behalf are limited only by the data in existence today. It is our hope that by leveraging our knowledge and expertise in plastics, we will open new vistas enabling plastics enterprises to develop and move new products to market more quickly; minimize time to market costs; and provider stronger, safer products to the world.

Madison Group Team

The Madison Group Team

Antoine Rios, Ph.D.
Bruce Davis, Ph.D.
Javier Cruz, Ph.D.
Paul Gramann, Ph.D.
Erik Foltz, M.S.
Jeffrey Jansen, M.S.
Richie Anfinsen, B.S.
Jack DeSousa, B.S.
William Aquite, Ph.D.
Tom Hansen, M.S.
Melissa Kurtz, M.S.
Amy Bembenek, Office Manager

Antoine Rios, Ph.D.

Antoine Rios has been with The Madison Group since 1999. Dr. Rios received his Ph.D. from the Polymer Engineering Center at the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 1999. He holds a Master of Business Administration from Edgewood College, Madison, Wisconsin and is fluent in Spanish. His current work concentrates in the analysis of plastics failure, plumbing product failures, forensic analysis, plastics part design and computer aided engineering (CAE). Dr. Rios has testified numerous times in deposition and court. He has written various papers and chapters, and given presentations on plastic failures, manufacturing and CAE. He is currently a senior member of the Society of Plastic Engineers where he serves as director of the Composites Division and the Failure Analysis Special Interest Group. He is a participating member of ASTM International (subcommittee F17 – plastic piping systems) and has served as a reviewer of SBIR/STTR phase I/II proposals for the National Science Foundation.

Dr. Rios’ Curriculum Vitae is available upon request.