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Subrogation Engineering

Engineering – Subrogation

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At The Madison Group we understand that not all claims are the same size. A typical engineering analysis for a subrogation project starts with a visual non-destructive analysis that helps our customer decide the next step. If the project justifies additional analysis, we have the capability to further investigate with more advanced non-destructive techniques or with the use of analytical and material testing. Our extensive knowledge of plastic materials allows us to determine how the failure occurred and who is the most responsible party. The Madison Group is not limited to understanding the engineering behind the plastic material, but also the environment, the end use, the installation and life history of the product. Our engineering subrogation services also include product brand identification and forensic engineering.

Common Failures

Examples of failures we analyze, but are not limited to:

"We at MetLife Auto & Home consider The Madison Group (TMG) to be an invaluable resource. Prior to being introduced to your firm, we had a huge void in the area of investigating plastics failures. Not only has TMG been a cost effective alternative to the other generalized engineering firms we had been using, but my experience has been that the manufacturers we are subrogating against hold your conclusions in high esteem. Regardless where a plastics-related loss happens in the country, my first call is always to TMG."

Mark Hagen, Sr. Subrogation Analyst, MetLife Auto & Home

Non-Destructive testing

Digital Microscope

Our failure analysis for subrogation services typically involves a non-destructive visual inspection of the failed product or parts. We know most of these failures are smaller claims, therefore, for a reasonable cost our engineering services provide a comprehensive report that typically includes:

Advanced Testing (Non-Destructive and Destructive)

Destructive Testing

For cases that require in-depth testing or destructive analysis, in addition to non-destructive testing, we can provide:


Our Specialty is Plastic

At The Madison Group we specialize in plastics. We devote all our resources to understanding the intricacies and subtleties of plastics. Our staff has years of experience in plastics failure analysis, in addition to understanding the circumstances surrounding failure, such as installation, use and service life.

Our experience shows that plastic failures are typically due to a combination of factors rather than a change in one unique parameter. Our expertise in design and processing of plastic products enables us to understand why plastic parts underperform, malfunction and fail.