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Customized Training

Polymer training and consultation both on-site or online .

On-Site and Online Training

Online Plastics Trainings and Seminars
Customized Training Live Seminar by The Madison Group

The Madison Group realizes that sometimes the best solution to a problem is a little bit of education. We believe that success relies heavily on continuous learning. We want to further our client’s knowledge and understanding of polymer materials to help them be more successful. For this reason, we offer customized training for professionals in the plastics industry.

We offer multiple training programs and courses throughout the year that can be provided directly at your facility, at our offices, or even remotely. Many of our training programs can also be customized to suit your company needs. New courses can also be developed if there is a desire to address a very specific need. Our goal is to provide customized education courses and training solutions that fit your needs.

Training and Seminars

Customized to suit your needs, The Madison Group can provide training across a wide range of topics.

  • Introduction to plastics
  • Part design and assembly
  • Plastics joining
  • Material selection
  • Mold design
  • Moldflow® analysis
  • Processing and simulation
  • Product testing
  • Plastic failure mechanisms
  • Plastic testing techniques
  • Failure analysis
  • Failure analysis test methods
  • Failure prevention techniques

Together we can identify your team’s needs and tailor the training to meet your specifications. The classes stress practical problem-solving techniques and utilize case studies to illustrate key aspects. This is a cost-effective approach to training.

Analyzing Plastics Project
Customized Training in Polymers - The Madison Group
The Madison Group Online Plastics Webinars
The Madison Group Plastics Training

Using our vast experience in processing, mechanical behavior, and failure of plastics, The Madison Group can develop a perfect course that will satisfy your company’s needs.

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At The Madison Group we strive to meet our customers needs. If that means sharing our experience and knowledge to better their company, that is what we are here for. Contact us today to discuss your training needs and how we can help!

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