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Services of The Madison Group

We understand plastics

Our engineering staff has dedicated their careers to understanding plastics. We know that the success of plastic parts is dependent on many interrelated factors. With expertise in materials, design, manufacturing, simulation, testing and failure analysis, we can help you find solutions quickly.

With a strong foundation in polymeric materials and diverse backgrounds, you can be confident that our engineers will be able to assist you with any rubber, thermoset, or composite material project need.

Services - Design Review

Design Review

A design has been optimized only when a balance of aesthetics, manufacturability, performance, cost, and durability has been achieved. Allow our experience to be your guide for success.

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Services - Material Support

Material Support

Plastics are a recipe of polymers, additives, reinforcements, and fillers. With an infinite possibility for formulation constituents, it can be difficult to land on the perfect material or find a suitable replacement.

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Services - Product Testing

Product Testing

Controlled laboratory testing is a great way to evaluate performance, functionality, and durability of products. Our experienced engineers can help you develop the right test method for your unique part and requirements.

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Services - Material Testing

Material Testing

Decades of testing have taught us that selecting the right material tests is critical for the success of your product. We are here as your partner facility to provide the best solution for your application, needs, and budget.

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Services - Manufacturing Support

Manufacturing Support

What The Madison Group does is simple. We solve plastic problems and provide solutions while keeping in mind your desire to drive product development and manufacturing towards lower costs and higher quality.

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Services - Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis

No one likes failed parts. When the unfortunate happens, finding a solution quickly and effectively is critical. Our vast experience analyzing failures and identifying root cause can reduce down time and add value.

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Services - Subrogation

Subrogation Engineering

Not all claims are the same size. A typical engineering analysis for a subrogation project starts with a visual and microscopic non-destructive analysis that helps our customer decide the next step.

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Services - Expert Witness

Expert Witness

Experts in plastics is who we are. Our engineers are experts in communicating complex technical analyses in a simple language that is understandable to both lay persons and the court.

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Services - Online and In Person Training

Customized Training

As experts in the field, we understand our responsibility to provide support, training, and mentorship to clients in order to help them succeed. On-site or virtual, we provide customized training solutions that fit your needs.

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