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Professional consultation for legal cases.

Expert Witness Services

Professionals at The Madison Group are well versed in providing expert testimony for legal cases. The technical knowledge of an expert witness is only useful when it can be adequately communicated to the jury and judge. Our experts are masters at communicating complex technical matters in a language that is easily comprehended by both lay persons and the court.

If your case involves plastic materials or other polymeric parts analysis, we are here to help. The Madison Group’s engineers are highly qualified experts with vast experience in performing failure analysis investigations, reviewing intellectual property, evaluating manufacturing processes, performing design reviews, and testing and deformulating plastic materials. Leverage our decades of experience with plastics to successfully prove your case.

We provide expert advice and unbiased opinions for legal cases involving plastic components.

Incidents involving a product liability, design or manufacturing defect, installation issue, or misuse that have resulted in property damage or personal injury require a thorough failure analysis investigation to prove fault and assist in the determination of liability in legal proceedings. As experts, we evaluate the facts and evidence to opine on the root cause(s) of failure and help identify the responsible parties.

Failed Plastic Water Lines - Expert Witness
Expert Witness Services by The Madison Group

Plastic materials are complex in nature having properties and performance characteristics that vary over time, temperature ranges and environmental exposure. For this reason, assessing products defects that could lead to property damage or injury requires experts with extensive knowledge in materials behavior, design, and formulation. Our experts fully understand test methods, their accuracy, and their limitations to interpret complex failures. We can provide guidance into what assertions are logical and based on sound engineering practice versus those consisting of conjecture or unproven theories.

Our experience is broad and deep extending into numerous market sectors.

Some of the industries that we have served include:

  • Plumbing products
  • Appliances
  • Consumer products
  • Medical devices
  • Automotive and transportation
  • Energy and electrical
  • Infant and toddler toys
  • Games and sporting goods
  • Construction materials
The Madison Group Expert Witness Service
Expert witness services and reports.
Polymeric Materials Experts
Consult with the plastic experts.

The staff of The Madison Group has over a century of cumulative experience in analyzing plastic materials and products. We are proficient in understanding the standards and regulations that govern plastics within varied market sectors. We can review designs, analyze formulations, and compare products in situations involving intellectual property disputes. Our experience also extends into manufacturing methods for plastic products.

Examples of areas where The Madison Group provides expert opinion:
  • Formulation changes and product defects
  • Design of plastic parts and assemblies
  • Joining of plastics (welding, solvent bonding, mechanical fasteners)
  • Fractography: analysis of crack/fracture origin and progression
  • Flammability of plastics
  • Chemical damage
  • Plumbing failures: filters, piping/tubing, fittings, valves, toilet components, etc.
  • Chemical/water/feed storage tanks; large commercial aquariums; processing vats
  • Medical devices
  • Composite materials, rubbers, elastomers and coatings
  • Packaging and films
  • Applicable plastics standards (e.g. ASTM, ASME, UL, ISO)
Expert Witness Plastic Part Failure

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